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Potters Bar Locksmiths - Home Security

From time to time many of us tend to feel that our home is not the fortress it used to be. Many of our customers get this feeling when someone close to them, be it a relative or a neighbor becomes a victim of a burglary. This makes them think about how safe their loved ones really are in their own home.

If you are concerned about your home security contact Potters Bar Locksmiths and schedule an appointment with one of our home security experts. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it means that you can schedule an appointment for a day and time suitable for YOU! We can be at you house on Sunday or at 9PM, the choice is yours!

What is Home Security Upgrade?

Our overall home security upgrade includes 4 stages:

  • Budget for the security upgrade

    The budget decision must be made in advance, long before you call any locksmith in Greater London. But if you have a difficulty on deciding on how much money to spend on this upgrade, Potters Bar locksmith can always assist you in this. As experienced locksmiths we can estimate the prices much better and offer you some saving tips.

  • Scan of the existing home security systems

    Our locksmiths in Potters Bar will check your back and front door locks, window locks and garage door lock. If your locking systems are still quite good, and are not a security risk to the entire house, we would not advise you to change the locks. The money saved on the locks can be used in other stages of the upgrade.

  • Security threats estimation

    In order to prevent a burglary a professional locksmith must check the property for possible break-in points and ways to eliminate them. Here some of our clients have to say goodbye to their favorite bush. Yes, that beautiful thing under the window is a great hide away for a potential burglar and it must be cut out for your security.

  • Home security upgrade

    And finally the last stage - the upgrade! In this stage the keyword is BUDGET! The variety of security products available on the market today is endless, but locksmiths Potters Bar will do their best to help you choose the right products for you.

    So what you can get for your money? Potters Bar locksmiths can advise you on:

  • Home alarm systems-motion detectors and heat sensing
  • Home surveillance - CCTV with camera monitoring
  • Fire safe safes - will protect your valuables not only from burglars, but also from fire.
  • Door protection hardware- screw in cylinder guard to protect your door from a wrench attack
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